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HR Compliance & Technology

BenefitsDrives Human Resource Consultants can provide support to your HR Team. We are here to help in all areas of organizational performance, benefit consulting and compliance with Local, State and Federal requirements.

We provide a wide variety of services including:

  • 24/7 access to our online HR Library
  • BenefitsDrive Monthly HR Newsletter
  • 5500 Form Filing Assistance
  • HR Webinars, Workshops and HR Alerts
  • Consult and assist with managing COBRA, FSA Plans, ERISA Compliance, FMLA Management, HIPPA regulations, ACA and more
  • Employee Coaching and Counseling Assistance
  • Employee Communications
  • Health Reform Guidelines
  • Employee Handbook and Customization assistance
  • HR Audit assistance
  • Job Description Review
  • Employee Benefit Surveys
  • Recruitment and Selection consulting
  • Benefit Benchmarking and Analysis
  • Standard Operating Procedure guidance
  • Compensation Management Planning


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