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Worksite Benefits

Worksite benefits can provide employees with the opportunity to enroll in valuable coverages which supplement employer sponsored benefits. A wide variety of payroll deducted coverage options are available at no cost to the employer.

What Worksite Benefits Are Available?

There are many types of worksite benefit plans to choose from. Which plans you offer will be determined on a case-by-case basis and could include:

  • Supplemental Health Insurance: Supplemental health insurance is an additional benefit that can help pay for unexpected costs not covered by medical insurance. Cash benefits can be received directly and used in any way deemed fit for things like groceries, childcare, housekeeping, and out-of-pocket medical costs. Types of Supplemental Health Insurance can include coverages such as:
    • Accident insurance provides benefits for various accidental injuries requiring treatment, urgent care, or hospitalization.
    • Cancer insurance will provide a payment to an employee upon cancer diagnosis, screenings, and treatment.
    • Critical illness insurance complements medical and disability insurance by directly providing payment to the employee after a significant, chronic, or debilitating disease diagnosis.
    • Hospital indemnity insurance will reduce the impact of higher medical plan deductibles and other out-of-pocket costs associated with a hospital admission.
  • Disability Insurance: Disability often strikes without warning. Disability insurance replaces income lost due to sickness or injury. Anyone that depends on income through work should consider this coverage. There are two types of group disability coverage:
    • Short-term disability insurance – provides income replacement during the first phase of disability.
    • Long-term disability insurance – provides income replacement after the elimination period expires. This benefit could pay out until the claimant reaches their normal social security retirement age.
  • Life Insurance: Life insurance provides a cash benefit to an appointed beneficiary upon the insured employee’s death. There are two types of worksite life insurance:
    • Voluntary whole life insurance—Provides death benefit protection as well as the opportunity to accumulate cash value.
    • Voluntary term life insurance— Provides death benefit protection during the life of the contract.
  • Vision Insurance: Vision insurance is one of the most sought after worksite benefits. Eye exams can detect early problems such as:
    • Diabetes, Heart disease, High cholesterol, High blood pressure, Glaucoma and Cataracts.

How to provide Worksite Benefits

Worksite benefits through an employer can help members save on premium costs and help keep a workforce committed to an employer.

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