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Individual Disability Income Insurance

The term disability income (DI) insurance refers to an insurance policy that provides income to individuals who can no longer work because of a disability. Disability income insurance helps protect people from financial losses if an accident or illness renders them incapable of working and receiving regular income.

Deferred Compensation

A deferred compensation plan sets aside some of your salary in the form of payroll deductions for you to access sometime in the future. That “sometime in the future” is usually retirement, but not always. What’s also deferred are the taxes you’ll pay on those payroll deductions. This is one of the big selling points of deferred compensation plans, especially for what are called highly compensated employees (HCEs)

Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan

A supplemental executive retirement plan (SERP) is a set of benefits that may be made available to top-level employees in addition to those covered in the company’s standard retirement savings plan. A SERP is a form of a deferred-compensation plan. It is not a qualified plan. That is, there is no special tax treatment for the company or the employee, such as is available through a 401(k) plan.

Loan Regime Split Dollar

A Loan Regime Split Dollar arrangement is an innovative strategy designed to address multiple wealth planning objectives, including retirement, estate, and asset protection planning. If properly designed, funded, and maintained, this strategy can be utilized to supplement your retirement income while creating a legacy for your family in a tax-advantageous and asset-protected manner.



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